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Founded in July 2014, company ALDENA SHIP MANAGEMENT (ASM) providing full technical management and marine services for cargo sea-going vessels with offers high quality technical ship management by a highly qualified professionals and experienced team of superintendents and seafarers.

We build our services thereby, in order that to suit the particular needs of the vessel and her owner but our primary objective is to maintain the asset value of the vessel in safety and at competitive cost. While doing so we ensure that as far as possible, the vessel is in a state of operational readiness at all times and in compliance with the rules of her classification society, flag state, local environmental regulations and all other laws and regulations.


Covid-19 has brought much difficulties into each one lives, also effecting the maritime sector due to the travel restrictions applied for the crew changes, ship manager’s company personnel (technical superintendents), class representatives, etc. And on this present stage no one knows how long this situation may last and when the government states shall dismiss the restrictions, which are implemented and in force now.  However we see that things shall not settle in the closest future.


Meanwhile, taking into account the above mentioned and difficulties with the crossing borders and traveling to Estonia, Tallinn and if your vessel is planned already for the repair in dock on one of the shipyards in Tallinn, as well as if you have not nominated the Shipyard yet, our technical managers by Aldena Ship Management offers to You the TURNKEY SOLUTION to this query in our region, namely:  our service of the Technical Supervisor (observer) for your vessel repair in dock or at repair berth, to be appointed representative on behalf of the Ship-owners or Technical Manager, Management Company, such as to be directly IN-SITU (on board, in dock, in port) to perform the project management, administrative tasks and technical processes monitoring in close contact with you directly in the way of photos, videos, conferences,  telecommunications, as well as by e-mail, to comply with all the technical requirements, monitoring and following up the repair deadlines, price estimations (price level), confirmations, approvals and direct work with all representatives of Shipyards (Tallinn Shipyard, Netaman Repair Yard).


Also we can assist you with preparation of the Preliminary or Contractual Repair Specification, cost comparison & selecting dock, shipyard, arranging  spares, stores, technical specialist, and superintendent’s work during  docking  and by planning cost effective docking.


Following above mentioned, we hope that you have already understood, that we know our tasks, your aims and objectives, and we are ready to assist you to achieve the result of your need - a timely repaired vessel without unnecessary force-majeure at the cost-effective level.


Might you will find interest in proposal, please feel free to contact us by the use of the below contact details, to discuss further possibilities for the mutually beneficial cooperation.

Our technical ship management team provides the following services:

  • Full management and maintenance of ships in operation in compliance of ISM, ISPS Codes
  • Recruitment and seafarers’ employment (crew management)
  • Shipyard supervision
  • Management of maintenance and repair plans
  • Survey services (Pre-purchases, technical condition, emergencies, etc.)
  • Preparing for the certification of companies and ships for compliance with the ISM and ISPS Codes, MLC-2006

We are focused on long-term cooperation and hope to become your reliable business partner based on experience, independence, knowledge, transparency and honesty.

Aleksandr Lavrinenko

General Manager

Mobile: +372 555 3745